Home Stock Why the GPT / AI hype rule is non enforceable. – Neural Networks – 29 July 2023

Why the GPT / AI hype rule is non enforceable. – Neural Networks – 29 July 2023

Why the GPT / AI hype rule is non enforceable. – Neural Networks – 29 July 2023


I wished to submit my opinion on why GPT / AI / ML / NN bans should not enforceable by the administration , or they need to be blanket utilized to all merchandise . 

The thread was deleted , luckily attributable to a bug of the mql5.com profiles i can return in time and gauge what occurred kind of.

A prelude : 

What was within the thread ? 

The OP (poster) had a few of his merchandise hidden as a result of somebody complained or he spammed them and there appears to be an anti spam bot that sends your product to be checked on the desk in case you spam it . Fairly intelligent mechanism i prefer it , bravo mql5.com , step in the fitting course there.

The OP was utilizing gpt to reply questions , his solutions have been obscure , and he was insisting rather a lot on the fallacious factors (from what i had time to learn) Moreover in his blogs i found customers complaining that a few of his merchandise didn’t function (so he was in violation of a number of guidelines together with the hype AND official arduous coded guidelines) for a number of the merchandise . 

Nevertheless the dialogue was on GPT . Now was he wrongly insisting he was proper ? In all probability from what i’ve learn up to now . 

Might the moderators have eliminated -as i instructed in a single submit in there- the fuss the op did and maintain the legitimate af factors a few of us made in regards to the GPT hype rule ? Sure purchase  maybe they have been drained and irritated and paired with the OPs timezone they’d both lose sleep or delete the thread .

Anyway . I am going to blur the names and avatars of the mods posts clearly .

On to the opinion :

At first of the thread the op claimed the ban was for gpt within the titles (and outline and logos) so the moderator replied with a reference to a submit by the Metaquotes moderator account from the Russian discussion board that stated this : 

So there’s hype talked about there , that means -probably- that the product was flagged for one thing and the verify additionally caught the unreal intelligence + gpt phrases within the descriptions . 

right here is the unique hyperlink https://www.mql5.com/ru/discussion board/451234/page2#comment_48339526

So the administration appears to not need AI/ML/GPT/NN for use as “hype” to enhance the perceived efficiency of the product .

(the place is the unreal intelligence hype talked about ? afterward that thread the desk informs the op he used “synthetic intelligence” in his description)

right here is the hyperlink : https://www.mql5.com/ru/discussion board/451234/page3#comment_48343897

However these can’t be arbitrarily enforced .

Right here is why : 

Let’s begin with Neural networks.

  • As an instance Mark sweats his hours off and creates a neural internet .
  • Locations the neural internet within the ea to commerce.
  • Contains neural internet within the title and descriptions primarily based on what he did .
  • Then i waltz out there , i add neural internet , ai , deep studying within the title or description however my ea does none of that.
  • We add our eas .
  • The one manner for mq to know one in every of them is an actual neural internet ea is to take a look at the supply code . 
  • Now if Mark says maintain on , my ea requires loading this onnx mannequin then mq nonetheless can’t know if that mannequin is behind the wheel of the buying and selling choices with out wanting on the supply code . 
  • Mq cannot have a look at the supply code so there isn’t any foundation for banning Mark’s or my EA .
  • They must cover not one of the 2 EAs or each of the EAs.

Until they seemed on the supply code.

Let’s go to chatGPT / GPT / LLM 

  • Mark may be very sensible and decides to deploy an LLM mannequin he forked from meta (fb).
  • He buys a server and a site identify and has the mannequin within the server or on a separate computer with particular replace intervals the place it sends new information to the server . 
  • So , what is going to Mark’s ea do on this case ? it’s going to ship alongside a logo and the server will reply with the newest replace it acquired from the LLM mannequin from Mark’s separate PC .
  • Identical if the mannequin is within the server , the EA will ship a logo and the server will reply with its newest replace for that image , or , if the ea can wait , it’s going to crunch it and compute it proper then and there (not environment friendly nevertheless)
  • If Mark need’s to make use of chatGPT he might want to facilitate communication with openAIs API ,with the token they’ve given him (which he has purchased and actively pays per use) .
  • Now for the reason that fee is per question and per question measurement , and “avatar” measurement if im not mistaken ,Mark can’t danger the queries going on to his server .
  • So , he’ll both have a separate PC which does the forwards and backwards with the openAI API and sends or shops the responses at replace intervals on the server .
  • Okay ? One other manner might be to make use of an onnx mannequin (the smallest is 900 megabytes , greatest 14gigabytes) and have his purchasers load it .
  • Which means we might additionally see necessities for enormous quantities of RAM for the EA to function on MT5 and nearly inconceivable on MT4 .
  • Now i come alongside , i purchase a server i purchase a site identify and i’ve my ea talk with it .
  • Each Mark and that i publish our eas , each Mark and that i add AI , GPT ,Synthetic Intelligence and all that lingo in title and the overviews .
  • There isn’t a manner for mq to inform Mark’s or my EA is faux .
  • They would wish to see the supply code  , the backend of the server , if there was a 3rd PC managing the replace intervals they’d must see that too .
  • If Marks EA operated with onnx fashions they’d not know if the mannequin was wired within the buying and selling choices -again- with out wanting on the supply code.

So there isn’t any foundation for hiding Mark’s or my EA in that case both .

Once more its non-enforceable or it have to be blanket enforced.

Once more , they have to cover not one of the 2 EAs or each of the EAs.

There may be one blind spot which i can’t verify due to the computer being weak right here .

If Mark compiles a mannequin inside the EA (that means opening up a supply file of minimal 920MB or 14GB in measurement which my computer cannot do right here) and if that may be compiled , i am unable to verify what the dimensions of the ex4/ex5 shall be .

However nonetheless even when that was evident by the bloated ex4/ex5 (if it didn’t go over the add file measurement restrict!) there wouldn’t be a strategy to know the mannequin is wired within the buying and selling choices with out wanting on the supply code.

So for all circumstances the rule can’t be utilized arbitrarily even whether it is as a result of the spam bot caught a product (for different causes) and when it was checked it was discovered to be in violation of the hype rule . 

So , it have to be utilized to ALL merchandise that use this lingo , or , NO merchandise in any respect . That’s what my protest is about .

Sure they might not be checking all merchandise however the rule can’t be utilized arbitrarily if a product occurs to be checked . 

They personal their database they’ll comb by way of it with scripts and routinely cover violations . In the event that they actually wished to go after hype.

“However they are saying they do not verify merchandise anyway…” yeah , however attributable to this rule being inconceivable to verify  ,as a result of from the second one of many search phrases seems on a product its 50/50 if its true of not ,  it have to be blanket utilized universally + immediately OR not utilized in any respect.

That’s the reason the present method shouldn’t be viable and unfair .

If mql5.com wished to be honest -again as a result of this can be a non-rule , cannot be checked , its obscure anyway , they must : 

  • Not apply this rule to anybody .
  • Apply it to everybody routinely however present these affected with the means to change their titles .
  • Or change the market totally the place distributors must add supply code as a substitute of ex information.

 This submit shouldn’t be about “how unethical the OP of the thread was for together with gpt in his overviews” , it goes with out saying anybody who does this 

(together with a number of unhidden merchandise on the entrance web page proper now) is unethical . I am not arguing as per the moral spectrum of that particular case.

I will not submit this within the discussion board as a result of it is going to be deleted .



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