Home Forex MQL5.com Enchancment Proposal 02 – Different – 29 July 2023

MQL5.com Enchancment Proposal 02 – Different – 29 July 2023

MQL5.com Enchancment Proposal 02 – Different – 29 July 2023


A.Score rewards ,destroy and enhance

Halt the drip of $ rewards for the score factors.

The system that distributes score factors ,with or with out Proposal 01 , would nonetheless be in place so you already know what the distributed complete would have been per week.

That weekly quantity (that you just spend anyway already) is then distributed to the highest 100 person score will increase of that week. Proportionally . 

To be eligible :

  • Your score have to be above 500 already
  • The account life have to be >=4 weeks
  • Moderators are eligible too 

This can trigger a variety of spam initially as a result of no person will learn the principles of their entirety so :

B.Anti spam incentives

  • if a moderator deletes a publish they get the score factors of the publish.
  • if a person complains a few publish and a moderator takes it down ,each the person and the mod get the factors of the publish if the person’s factors can accomodate that , in any other case, they cut up it.
  • if a moderator bans a person for spam ,and, all of the moderators agree with the ban (not verbally , with a voting course of) the moderator will get all of the score factors of the person.If the moderators don’t agree the ban stays however there is no such thing as a anti-spam-reward.If the votes are <50% the ban is lifted too.
  • if a person complains about spam and this results in a ban for spam by a moderator ,with the identical voting course of ,if the votes agree the person and the moderator cut up the score factors of the person.
  • To put a grievance as a person, you “deposit” 1000 score factors which you’re taking again in case your grievance was not repetitive , or spam itself. If it was spam the 1000 factors go to the moderator.

C.Industrial Part

  • Minimal score to publish 1000
  • Minimal account life 4 weeks
  • Registered as a vendor
  • When you publish a brand new thread on the industrial part you can’t publish anyplace else for twenty-four hours (within the discussion board).
  • You possibly can publish new threads on the industrial part as soon as per thirty days.
  • Every thing goes , third get together , this market , this sign service , different sign companies , and ,customers being registered with their actual title deters scammers.
    So that you get the great portion of the advertisements from different boards and the related visitors.
  • The proprietor of the thread can reply as soon as per reply freely , so the 24 hour block doesn’t apply to their industrial thread.If there aren’t any replies although , they can’t publish a brand new message to their thread.
  • The primary publish of a industrial thread will be edited , however , it’s saved within the historical past of the publish for everybody to have the ability to verify in the event that they want to. 
  • Replies to different customers can solely be edited if they’re the final reply strictly.
  • Industrial threads can’t be deleted by their creator. 
  • Moderators merchandise are rolling within the first thread of the industrial part each 24 hours .
    The thread is all the time on high of the industrial part and comprises a presentation a moderator has designed themselves .
    Something goes . One moderator showcased per day . 
  • There’s a part for a moderator (of their profile) to edit his rolling web page for the industrial part , and / or allow disable it.



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